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Cafe and Bar
Chef Salad Grilled seafood Sirloin Steak Spagheti with Balsamic Beef Grilled Tune with Bali Spices

A large café with open space & high ceiling is located at the front of the hotel serving International cuisine. Live music is available every night from 7 until 10 pm. 

Febri's Hotel - As from 1 April 2013 at Febri's Hotel
Available Everyday from 07:00 until 10:00
Beverages Hot Selections by Nescafe Black Coffee + Coffee and Cream + Black Tea
Hot Selections By Lipton Tea Green Tea + English Breakfast + Peppermint + Earl grey
Cold Fresh Milk Milk, Full Cream
Cold/Hot Chocolates by Nestlé Milo + Cappuccino
Water (by Danone Aqua) Hot/Cold mineral water
Cold Selections by Nestlé Blackcurrant + Pink Guava + Manggo + Orange
Fresh Fruit Juice Pineapple + Watermelon + Pepaya + Mix Fruits

Cereals (by Nestle) Corn Flakes + Koko Crunch or Honey Star

Fresh Breads / Hot Toasts Plain White + All Grain + Wholemeal + Croissant

Indonesian Pastries Black Rice Puding, Banana or Cassava Fritters, Sweet Rice Balls, or Naga Sari

Jams Individually Packed Strawberry + Pineaple + Marmalade
Butter Unsalted Anchor, New Zealand

Seasonal Fresh Fruits 4 different kinds daily
e.g : Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, Melon, Watermelon (served with Plain Yogurt)

Hot Foods Freshly Made Waffles + Mini Pancakes + Honey
Plain Steamed Rice + Steam Corn
Scrambled Egg with Milk
Hashbrown Potatoes + French Toast
Chicken Sausages
Grilled or Stufing Tomatoes with Herbs
Baked beans in Tomato Gravy, Heinz Australia

Egg Station Various egg styles, ala minute, e.g.: omelette, poached, boiled, sunny-side-up, etc.
Made to order: Egg of any styles with chopped onions, capsicums, leek, carrots, mushroom, shallots, chillies, garlic, shredded Bacon, cheese cubes

Additional Daily Hot Menu
Button Mushroom Mushroom Baby corn Breaded Mushroom Mushroom Pok Coy Mushroom Broccoli Mushroom with Green Beans Mushroom with creamy Cauliflower Rattatouli Mushroom
Fried Rice Balinese Fried Rice Fried Rice Terasi Fried Rice with Sausages Thai Fried Rice Fried Rice Terasi Fried Rice with Sausages Fried Rice Terasi
Potatoes Potato Scoop Mashed Potato Potato Frittata Crème Potato Lyonaise Potato Potato with Skin Crème Potato
Soup Beef Macaroni Soup Soto Ayam Cream Corn Soup Chicken Soup Red Bean Soup Cream Corn Soup Vegetable Soup
Noodles Vermicelli Vegetable Laksa Lemak Rice Noodle Javanese Fried Noodles Vermicelli Vegetable Fried Noodles with Beancurd Thai Noodle
Bacon Pork Bacon Pork Bacon Pork Bacon Pork Bacon Pork Bacon Pork Bacon Pork Bacon

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